Popularity Is Affecting Students’ Mental Development

Created by hsmith06
Created by hsmith06

As a high school student, I know that most teenage girls want to be popular more than anything. All they want is for people to know them, not for who they are, but for the way they present themselves in public so people will appreciate them. It is arguable that popularity doesn’t even have a meaning in society, however, I think that it is still overpowering the lives of those who have gained the title of popular.

Popularity is bad for students’ education and mental development. This is because it gives them a sense of importance and power, leading to them bullying and teasing other students. Students bully others because it makes them feel better about themselves when they make someone else with less power feel worse.

created by hsmith06
created by hsmith06

Some might argue that popularity improves self confidence in students, however, it makes others feel worse.  Popularity turns students into bullies, affecting the way they think and act around others. This can also cause distractions during class and trouble with getting along with others later in life. Would you like your child to bully others and grow up with no people skills because they were popular in school?

Personally, I think that students should all get the same level of respect at school. There should be no difference between high achievers and the supposed ‘cool kids’. Aren’t students meant to feel good about themselves and where they are at school?

Image from: http://news.asiantown.net/r/25820/revenge-of-the-nerds-cool-kids-smoke-more-di-younger
Image from: http://news.asiantown.net/r/25820/revenge-of-the-nerds-cool-kids-smoke-more-di-younger

Popularity can ruin the lives of those who fall victim to the title. It causes bullying, distractions and the lack of people skills doesn’t help later in life. Society is being destroyed by the system of popular and unpopular. Don’t you wish that every student received equal respect in the school environment?



2 thoughts on “Popularity Is Affecting Students’ Mental Development

  1. Totally agree. Who decides who’s popular anyway? Stop labelling students and let them be comfortable enough to be themselves without having to worry what others will say.

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